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As I’ve noted before, I’m taking some time off from law, for reasons that include getting my health back in order. Despite that, I haven’t been idle during this time, and I don’t plan to be for the near future. I see this as an opportunity to work on some projects that I’ve either continuously been putting off, or which have happily arisen in the last few months. I’m dedicating this space to a short overview of my current projects and their status. I hope this helps keep me honest and motivated.

As of April 24, 2015 the current project status is as follows:

Graduate School Applications – I’ve been accepted to the thesis-intensive LLM program at the University of Toronto.  If I continue, this will be for the purposes of an academic career in law. My focus will be on IP law, and my thesis proposal focuses on the intersecting rights of software creators and users with respect to virtual property and user-generated content. I’ve also confirmed the acceptance, though I assume I can still back out until fees are due at the end of August.

Short Stories –  As always, I continue to work on short stories and attempt to get them published. I currently have three stories out on submission, and hope to hear back soon.

Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest – I’m also wrapping up and editing a novel I’ve been working on for some time in the hopes of getting it ready for the deadline of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest. [UPDATE] Apparently this contest was cancelled starting this year in favour of Amazon’s Kindle Scout program, which looks dubious at best. I’ll finish the novel anyway and try more standard publishing routes.

Humber School for Writers – I’ve been accepted to the May class of the Humber School for Writers Correspondence program. The program pairs a student with an established mentor to review parts of a manuscript being completed over a 30 week period. Interestingly, tuition is part of the first place prize of the Toronto Star Short Story contest, which brought it to my attention. Hopefully I’ll receive useful feedback in the development of a new novel, and it will force me to keep up my writing pace.

Short Film – I’ve completed the script of a short film, and I’m working with a starting filmmaker to get it completed. We’re currently scouting locations and organizing casting. Ideally, we can complete filming in spring/summer of this year.  I’d like to do more work with script writing, and I am contemplating taking a certificate course in screenwriting through U of T later this year.

Enthusiast Gaming – I’ve been writing about video games for Gaming Enthusiast and Nintendo Enthusiast, both parts of Enthusiast Gaming. I primarily write features and game reviews, though I’ll handle legal news that comes up as well. Check out the sites and support us! I plan to continue writing for these sites, and I plan to expand into other video game freelancing opportunities as well. I’ll also most likely be heading to E3 this year in Los Angeles to cover it for the site.

Notably, Enthusiast Gaming is also launching some large gaming events, including Enthusiast Gaming Live (EGL), which will feature both major competitive gaming tournaments of all types along with indie game exhibitions. An even bigger event is in the works for later this year.

Website – Well, you’re here and this is it. I plan to continue to expand the website, and produce more content, and continue to update my blog. Specifically, I’m trying to continue to produce Hearthstone-related content, since its the one game I continue to play on an ongoing basis.

Stream – Streaming has begun! I livestream whatever I feel like at the moment, or Hearthstone when nothing else is catching my interest. Check it out at


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